• AestheFill ® 200mg x 1 vial (5ml) | Collagen Stimulator | PLLA | PLA

AestheFill ® 200mg X 1 Vial (5ml) | Collagen Stimulator | PLLA | PLA

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AestheFill® 365mg x 1 vial | CE Approved |


PDLLA; Poly-D, L-lactic acid

Injectable collagen stimulator

Aesthefill is a new generation of collagen-stimulation filler from Korea. Aesthefill is composed of polylactic acid (PDLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer that has received US FDA approval and is also utilised in lifting thread materials. It naturally encourages skin cells to start making collagen. Aesthefill is a safe and long-lasting neocollagensis filler to restores facial volume for up to 24 months. It works within the deep dermis to stimulate collagen production gradually to resume a well-defined curve on the face.


Injections of Aesthefill are administered directly into the locations of the biggest lesions or all over the face if the skin seems flabby, dry, and atonic. The procedure is finished with a mild massage that uniformly distributes the gel throughout the dermis’ inner layers.


When injected, Aesthefill stimulates collagen regeneration through the injection of polylactic acid. The treatment effect shows a more natural facial volume than other fillers. The volume recovery effect can last as long as 24 months. The natural-looking result of Aesthefill will be gradually seen. By helping to replenish the body’s collagen, it helps to show a plumped and refreshed appearance with a long-lasting result.