• Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy 365mg x 1 vial (5ml) | Collagen Stimulator | PLLA | PLA

Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy 365mg X 1 Vial (5ml) | Collagen Stimulator | PLLA | PLA

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Rejubeau Stylish

Le Ciel Rosy | CE Approved |

365mg x 1 vial (5ml)


Poly L-Lactic Acid

Injectable PLLA Derma Filler



As a safe and effective collagen stimulator & regenerator, Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy is an injectable and biocompatible medical device. Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy helps to restore natural volume for aging skin lost collagen.

Poly L-Lactic Acid, the main ingredient is used for medical material over 20 years and confirmed safety by US FDA.

The injected Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy (Poly L-Lactic Acid) into subcutaneous layer starts to stimulate the bodys collagen regeneration.

It increases the skins elasticity and volume naturally and makes looking young.

Depend on the condition of patients, 2 or 3 times of treatment are recommended for the longevity of volume staying.



8 ml of diluted Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy PLLA solution

= 1 vial of Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy + 7mL of Saline water + 1 mL of Lidocaine

= 3 ml x 2 syringes & 2 ml x 1 syringe with 21 ~ 23G blunt cannula needle 5cm

Upper, Mid, & Lower Face

Each part max of 1 syringe (=1/3 Vial)

※ It is important to wait for the progressive effect to take place over an interval or at least 4 weeks for Rejubeau Stylish Le Ciel Rosy. ; In clinical practice, patients are typically evaluated at 4~6 weeks.